Reasons to Have Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 16 – 25. Most people experience many complications once these teeth begin to grow. Most of the problems occur when the wisdom tooth becomes impacted, or partially or fully covered by either the bone or gums.

Impacted teeth are a big concern for a person. They can lead to periodontal disease and may also cause numerous side effects that impact your daily life, like bleeding gums, halitosis, loss of gum and bone, jaw swelling, and/or pain in the jaw.

People remove their wisdom teeth because they’d rather avoid the problems they bring. Some of the most common reasons people opt to remove their wisdom teeth include:

1.    Infection: Due to limited space, a wisdom tooth infection can occur. This is often painful and can lead to serious tooth complications. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria which increase the risk of problems.

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2.    Tooth Damage: When the wisdom tooth threatens the nearby teeth, it is best to seek dental attention for prompt renal.

3.    Overcrowding: wisdom teeth often attempt to erupt in an area with teeth in place already. They push teeth to the side which results in a misalignment.

4.    Tumors: An impacted wisdom tooth can cause tiny tumors to form in the jawbone. This can cause extreme pain and even TMJ. A dentist will recommend wisdom tooth removal if you have a tumor or he suspects this problem could occur.

This is a partial list of reasons people remove their wisdom teeth. Schedule a dental appointment to learn more about the procedure and reasons why it is needed.

You may also need an emergency tooth extraction north lauderdale in some cases. If your wisdom teeth cause extreme pain or other concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to a dentist day or night.

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